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    wifi problem with computer or router?
    Ok, here is the deal. Up until about a week ago, my home network has been working fine. The problem now is that the speed and signal strength are fine, and then all of a sudden, The signal strength drops from 4 bars, down to , and my speed gets very slow. Now, if i unplug the router, plug it back in, the signal strength and speed are great for about 20 Mins, and then the signal drops to 3 bars and the internet gets slow. Also if i turn Airport off, then back on, My Signal goes back up and so does my speed.

    I am using a 4 moth or so old Macbook C2D, with a Netgear router rangemax 240. I have not changed any settings at all tat could have caused this problem. I am wondering an easy way to figure out if the problem is with the computer, or the router? I am going to test it with my schools WiFi, but i wont be back in school for 2 weeks.

    Any Ideas?

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    i dont know if your wireless router is over heating? it can seriously effect the speed of your connection if you leave it on 24/7. i had a similar problem so i installed a fan underneath my router and no problems anymore.

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