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    Cannot access iMac from PC (iMac can access PC!)

    I have bee using my first iMac since Christmas, and I am happy with the computer and the OS. One thing, however, has been difficult and that is getting my Vista laptop and my iMac to network and share files.

    My setup is iMac connected through wireless to a router (D-Link), which is connected to the internet. I sometimes bring home my Dell Vista Laptop and connect to the internet through the same wireless router. I have windows sharing, and all kinds of sharing setup on my mac. I even found a place where to configure my workgroup. I have no problem accesing my PC from my Mac.

    I cannot access my Mac from my PC. I can see the Mac as part of the network, but when I tried to connect it asks for a password. I have typed all the passwords I could think of and it always says incorrect password. I first tried the password for my Mac account that I am trying to access, but no. Then I tried my admin password, nothing. Then I tried my Vista password, nothing. It always says incorrect password.

    Any ideas?


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    wild wild guess, but try using just admin and don't type anything in the password field. that is the default password for most wireless related things.

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    Thanks, but this morning I figured it out. I really don't know why it did not work the first time, but after it asked me for my password it would return a small window with "pc-name\user" as the user (where pc-name was the name of my vista laptop and user my user on that laptop) I decided I should replace that with the name and user on my mac "mac-name\macuser" and the correct mac password and it worked!

    I don't understand why it kept giving me that other user. Anyway its solved.



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    I am new to the world of Mac, been supporting, building and other wise working on PC's all my life. I've got this exact same problem and no combination of passwords and/or user names have worked. Any ideas what you did to get this to work, or did it just finally work?


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