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    Undocumented mystery blue airport Extm LED ...
    Last night I had a little bit of a scare with my New (about 1 month old) airport extreme. I have had it set up and running great for about 1 month. I have a free printer from MacMall (that isn't network supported .. thanks HP) that's networked after some hacks, and the internet has been great. I decided to try to get a USB hard drive hooked up along with my printer so I can see about sharing iTunes via Libra etc... I unplugged everything and hooked everything back up and powered up.

    Nothing worked! Everything gets a little blurry here. I hooked and re-hooked power chords to the airport and modem .. restarted my computers, modem, airport .. including the reset button, but I couldn't even get my macbook pro to recognize Morag (my airport express .. bless her heart). The amber light would be on eventually flashing .. but never go green. Airport utility wouldn't even find the airport! It was like it wasn't even there .. not just that the internet wouldn't work like the flashing amber light indicates. Then I focused on the HD more. I unplugged and plugged wires until the flashing .. solid amber changed to flashing amber and blue!! I wasn't too distressed .. in fact I was a little relieved that there was a new color. I though maybe this would point to the problem, but after looking it up in the manual, and, and searching here a little .. the blue light doesn't seem to exist ... what does it mean??

    After disconnecting the HD and resetting everything .. it still didn't work .. right away. After a long pause, maybe 1 minute +, Airport Utility finally recognized Morag. Apparently my HD enclosure isn't compatible .. I understand that (it actually has a memory card reader that doesn't work so I don't think I have the right drivers), but what does the blue LED mean?


    Quick story:

    1 had working AP Extreme for 1 month
    2 Tried to add USB HD
    3 Airport spazed out .. my macbook wouldn't even recognize it .. Airport flashed amber and blue
    4 Disconnected HD .. reset everything and back to default
    5 I think the problem source was an unsupported (not correct driver) HD
    6 What does the blue / amber flashing light mean?

    Here's a youtube video of the blue light that someone else made. Unfortunately the thread that links to it go so distracted talking about how to embed youtube videos they didn't address the video:

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    Oct 04, 2005
    south carolina usa
    emac w/xtra ram .. MBP 2.53, Brick ... PowerBook 190
    No one knows what the blue light means?

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