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    no internet linksys WRT54GL

    i have just moved in to my new home. In my building someone has a network setup so we can all go on the internet cheap. i have a ibook g4 and a linksys wrt54GL v7. My airport says it is connected to the network but there is no ip adress assigned. i cant go on the internet no which sucks. can anyone help.

    is there anything i have to change on my routers page??


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    you say that there is wifi in your building already. where does your router come into play?

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    is the g4 set to accept an auto IP address? does it work correctly with a wired connection?

    more steps need to be taken before we can troubleshoot for you. if youve got wifi in your building, what do you need the router for?
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    Agreed with the others. Question, is the network in your building Wired or Wireless? That will help us a lot.

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