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Thread: Help With RDP??

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    Help With RDP??
    Hey Guys

    Was just wondering if someone can help me out with getting RDP working. I am running vista on my PC and I want to be able to RDP into my mac from work. I know you can do it the other way round (RDP to Vista from Mac) but can't find much info about hitting OS X from Vista

    Thanks in advance

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    The RDP server component is only available on Windows (I don't know about Vista, but on XP it was only part of XP Pro).

    If you want to connect remotely from a Windows machine into a Macintosh, you can download the free VNC viewer (google RealVNC -- although there are probably plenty of others out there). Mac OSX ships with a VNC server.

    To enable the VNC server, go into the sharing panel of system preferences, click on Apple Remote Desktop (on the services tab), then click Access Privileges. Then select "VNC users...." and enter a password (VNC does not use a user/password combo, just a password). From the vnc client, connect to your remote machine's IP address and enter the password.

    You might need to open up the vnc port on your home's router (the default port I believe is 5900).

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