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    Question Help! Need To Know What Networkin Kit 2 Get!
    hey all! im really intrested in getting an emac in order to escape the land of microsoft!! lol! i want to get it in my bedroom but i dont have a phone line so i need to set up a wireless network with my dads pc (yes pc) downstairs!
    i know that i need a router(ive got that sorted) but want a cheap usb adapter to recieve the connection. i dont want to fork out 80 for an airport extreme card! (im only 14 and having to pay for the emac myself!) but all the ones i find are not compatible with any mac!!! !! what can i do?? does anyone know any cheap usb/firewire 80.20.11b adapters??

    thanks in advance!!

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    Its ok! after about an hour an a halfs searching i found a great site!
    they offer everything im looking for at amazing prices!
    im well chuffed! lol! gotta get me emac now!
    only 520 left to save!

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