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    linksys router
    I just purchased a linksys wireless G router and of course it came with windows cd. I figured I would connect all the hardware, power it up and restet the cable modem and see what happened. I changed my network location to automatic and got the airport connection setup. I'm happy to announce that I am typing this post wirelessly from my screened in patio as a cool breeze blows. This is a lot better than being cooped up in a hot room inside the house with nothing interesting happening.

    I do have one question though, I am running on an unprotected setup. Does anyone know how to go about setting up a protected connection? Thanks.

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    You do not need the CD to setup the Linksys router. In your browser put in the address and you should be prompted for user name and password. The username part leave blank, the default password is admin. That should take you to the settings screens. From there you can set your wireless to be secure, and don't forget to change your router password.
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    be sure to check out the new Wireless Networking F.A.Q.
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    Thanks and thanks...

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