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    Transferring files from PC to my new macbook. PLEASE HELP
    I need to transfer my data, movie files, etc from my pc to my mac. I ran out of DVD's to burn my stuff and transfer it to my mac. Plus, its tedious to do it. Please advise. Thanks

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    If you have a network setup in your house you could transfer the files that way. This is usually done wirelessly, but if you dont have a wireless connection and are just using a wired router this should still work fine. This link will show you everything you need to know to get your computers to share files, ive had luck with this and a lot of people on the forums have had luck with it as well so I know it works.

    also, there is a lot of good info on that page for other things mac you might want to check out when you have time.

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    To add you can use a stright ethernet cable and connect the mac to pc. The port on Mac is autosensing and will make the crossover connection for you - that means you do not need a crossover cable or patch cable to do this, just a stright Cat5/e cable. You'll need to setup some shares and move them over the wire, which is what the fore mention info states.

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    You can use your iPod! I did it last week, took me about 30 minutes to transfer everything. Easy peasy, because I had to deete/restore my iPod to format it for the Mac anyway. And so long as you copy over your music folder and re-import, you won't have a problem. :-)

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