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Thread: Automatic VPN and server connect on certain networks?

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    Automatic VPN and server connect on certain networks?
    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to Mac and still getting my routine sorted. I have to VPN to the networks I most often use. After getting on the network (which is automatic with AirPort), I then have to manually connect with the VPN client and the servers that I want to connect to. Is there a way to set-up something that does the following:

    If connected to network X then wait 20 seconds and VPN, then wait 20 seconds and connect to Server 1, Server 2, and Server 3.

    Also, if disconnected then reconnect automatically.

    The above is what I want to do with seems like it should be possible. I've looked at the Automator but could not figure out (a) if it was possible and (cool.gif if it was how to do it.

    Thank you for any advice,

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    That seems a bit risky, securitywise, imho. I'll admit to having a paranoid employer to whom I connect via VPN. For that connection, not only must I enter a personal code, I must also enter a SecurID code. There are no automatic connections to our corporate network. No one accesses the corp network who doesn't belong there.

    I'm sure there's a way to do what you are asking to do. You might consider if you actually want to do it.
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    Something like "Do something when" or Location X lets you set up specific actions to perform at certain alterations to your physical environment.

    VPN Tracker also has a feature called "smart VPN" than detects your current network address and connects/disconnects to VPN networks accordingly.

    Disclaimer: I work for the company behind VPN Tracker.

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    Thanks for the information on VPN Tracker.. .it seems like it does close to what I want. However, I was hoping for something free!
    Take care,

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