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Thread: Suddenly no Wifi at work.

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    May 28, 2007
    Suddenly no Wifi at work.
    I'm using a MacBook C2D and have been updating as the updates come out. For some reason today when I got to work I noticed I was getting a Wifi signal at full strength but I cannot connect with any applications. I was able to use Wifi at home this morning without issue.

    I do not reckon this to be a modem/router issue as other machines (one desktop PC wired through Ethernet and another MacBook CD) work fine.

    I have reset both modem and router and I have disabled WEP encryption on said router. Still No-Go.

    Very annoying, as I didn't _do_ anything unusual.

    Any suggestions?

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    May 31, 2007
    Wireless not recognised, was fine before
    I have the same problem. One minute, all good, and the next time I log in, no go. The signal is there, I am asked if I want to join the network, and when I click yes, I get the "there was an error joining the XXXX network" message. I went into a Mac shop to see if I could connect to their airport, and had no luck. Reset PMU and PRAM and had no luck.
    any one got ideas?

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