My Powerbook G4 sits about 2 feet from my airport base station. I have another in my kids' room about 40 feet away. The signal strength constantly jumps from one bar to four bars, but lately has been in one bar strength for days. It seems to make it very slow to be online, pages take forever to load etc. When I walk into my kids room with my PB, the strength goes up to four bars. It never, in any case, gets to full strength which seems odd since I am right next to it! And, there are two in a small space.

I do have a 2.4GH phone on my desk, the base station, then the single phones are in all the other rooms, including the boys room. I tried moving the base station of the phone to another room in case that was interfering, no change. I unplugged the microwave, no change. Walk into the kids room, 4 bars. Back to my desk, 2 feet from the airport base station, 1 bar. I have the interference robustness checked for both airport expresses, and for the base. I also have it checked on the airport signal menu. I have them both on channel 11.

I also have a third airport express in the same room as my desk, but I think my IT friend set it up to be just for my itunes (my stereo is plugged into it) because when the living room airport express was part of the wireless network, itunes would stall out all the time. Now though, it stalls out all the time again, so much so that I never listen to itunes on my stereo anymore.

Any ideas please? Thank you so much in advance.