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    Azureus messes with my router.
    It seems whenever I am downloading a torrent with Azureus, my router will disconnect itself from network at random. The router lights are all still on, but I can't access the internet or other computers on the network. The only way to fix this is to pull the power plug out of my router and plug it back in and wait for it to start up. Then everything works fine for a while, and cuts out. Sometimes it'll be every 5 minutes, sometimes every 3 hours, but only ever when Azureus is active...

    Anyone else have this problem or know what is going on and how to fix it?
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    Have you tried any other bittorrent clients? Have you tried changing any of the ports that you can? It could be a problem with the ports it uses not being properly opened, and it's causing a conflict.

    Personally, I use Azureus on everything but my Windows machines, without a single problem, other than I can't upload at over about 60kb/s, or else the download line slows down. But that has something to do with my internet connection, I believe.

    If that doesn't work, then give Transmission a try.
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