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    Unhappy Airport card wireless Drops??
    I have a 2001 iBook with an airport card in it. I also have a D-link router (Dl-624 rev.b).

    Now some days I will stay connected for hours but then other days (most of the time) I keep dropping and reconecting almost instantly. This happens every once in a while (about every 20-30mins). I will see my signal strength at full (acording to third party progs. 84%) and then it will go to nothing and back to full again.

    I have updated my airport card (3.4 if i'm correct?) and I updated my router to the most current firmware. I have it set to wep encription and I've tried changing the wireless channels (from 1-11) without any differences (all channels drop).

    Has anyone else had this or have any clue as to why this could be happening to me? :( :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    It's the newest update. Sorry.

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    I have a thread posted under powerbooks on how I fixed the's'll have to revert back..hopefull they'll fix the whole 3.4 thing real soon like.

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