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    Airport Extreme vs 3rd party Wireless g router
    Ever since I got my Mini i've been having issues with my Belkin wireless G router. I think i'm just going to dump it and buy something else.

    Anyways, my Mini is a G4 (airport extreme), and I also have a PSP that I use wirelessly at home from time to time. I have a PC, which is not wireless capable. I plan on picking up a Macbook or MBP some time this summer.

    So, obviously nothing I have right now will be taking advantage of the wireless n technology in the airport extreme. Is there any benefit to picking up that unit, as opposed to a run of the mill wireless 4 router? I know it will not become out of date any time soon, and that it will definitely work with a Mac. But is it worth the extra cash in comparison to a regular router at 1/2 or 1/3rd the price? Or once wireless n becomes the norm, will there be something better available anyways (in which case it's not worth buying now, as I can't take advantage of it)...?

    Also, any recommendations for a 3rd party wireless g router that will play nice with Macs? I'm done with Belkin, too many issues with this one and Macs. I have a $50 gift card to Circuit city left over from the holidays, so something they stock would be preferred.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Well, I just got me a MacBook, and its just an amazing piece of computer history

    When it came to wireless here is my experience, I found out that NetGear is what did it for me at $59.99

    let me know what u think.

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