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    IP addresses of other local machines.
    Finally moved from windows to mac for my work computer and simply love it.
    Am trying to find some windows equivalent applications for mac and was hoping that a mac veteran could help me.
    I do a lot of networking with windows based computer and I was wondering if we have an application on mac via which I can find ip's of all computers along with names, on the same local network.

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    Network Utility in your Applications/Utility folder might do the trick... but I'm not a networking guru.

    Names should show up in the Network item at the root level of the HD. Clicking on shares in the list should either connect you, or at the very least show you the IP address.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, it's really not my area of expertise.
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    you could try IP Chicken....but his way sounds much easier
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    You're looking for IP Scanner for Mac. There is one, but it does require a key.

    Here is the URL:

    Btw all, he's looking for IP's on his network - not !


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    really? $29 to just scan a network for ip addreses?
    has any one heard of any other way to do this? i can't bring myself to spend $30 just to poke around a network i am on and find the addresses of the other machines. there isn't some simple thing you can do in terminal?

    this does not seem like it should be a complicated problem... if i were some kind of linux hacker im sure this would take like 2 commands and 3 seconds to do...

    pete tridish

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