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    Is my new Airport defective?
    I recently purchased both an Airport Express and an Airport Extreme. (One to play the music, one to access the music on an external hard drive.)

    I set up the Express first, not knowing whether I wanted to unwrap the Extreme and keep it. After deciding I wanted to keep it, I took it out of the box and tried to configure it with my Express network. I know this is backwards, and I couldn't find any good instructions online about this.

    So I decided to set up a new network, beginning with the Extreme, and then sync my Express to that network. However, when I plug my Ethernet cable into the Extreme, it blinks amber and doesn't work.

    Is there any explanation for this other than a defective Airport Extreme?

    Sidenote question: I play my iTunes through my stereo wirelessly with the Express. However, I can't figure out how to get other audio (i.e. YouTube, Quicktime, etc.) to play through my stereo. It defaults to the computer. What should I do?



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    for the sidenote question, airtunes only works with itunes music, to play any other audio from your computer you need additional software, i know there is a free one but i cant remember what it is called. if you are playing videos over it the audio wont match the video because it is delayed so that is pointless anyway

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