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    Hey All,

    So only 2 weeks ago I jumped on the Mac bandwagon with a refurb white MacBook. Soon afterwards I wanted to watch some of my HD content while sitting in bed, but alas I couldn't because 802.11g just isn't fast enough.

    So... yesterday I bit the bullet and bought the Airport Extreme access point. WOW!

    Set it up in 802.11n only mode, and am keeping my Linksys WRT54G running for compatibility.

    Using the Linksys and 802.11g I could push 2.5MB/s through the wireless.
    Not with the Airport Extreme and 802.11n, I'm pushing a constant 8.4MB/s through the wireless from my desk, and at least 7.5MB/s anywhere in my house.

    The best part about this, is the HD content I've got at times needs 4-6MB/s throughput to stream from my file server, so I can now watch this on the MacBook from anywhere in the house.

    I'm a big fan of that!!

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    I have the A Extreme base station, but I haven't really put it through its paces yet. I'm glad it's working out for you!
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    Airport Extreme
    my airport extreme arrived **** quick off the uk web shop today.

    muggins here installed it quick and connected the new printer to it too.

    tested if i could use it in the garden and surprising i couldn't..... but maybe that was because i had flagged 'use interface robustness' in the airport menu?

    anyway still happy in this new world just 6 days into it. :mac:

    (not noticed any speed difference yet with just one macbook..... but safari is definately quicker then IE.)

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