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    Airport suddenly won't connect to network
    I have a mysterious situation that is driving me nuts! If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be forever grateful!

    My almost brand new Intel iMac has suddenly stopped being able to connect to our wireless network for internet. We are using a Linksys router and have one Windows XP and 3 Macs that have worked just fine for many months.

    The iMac is in a separate building from the router and modem - but the signal is good. iStumbler shows 52% on average and no other networks in the area. My older iBook still works fine from this building. So signal strength doesn't appear to be the issue.

    Then, if I lug the iMac over to the building where the router is - it works!
    If I bring it back to the other building - it displays the name of the network, I select it and it asks for WEP password and all I get is the "there was an error connecting to the network" message.

    None of the configurations have been modified. There is no interference that I can tell. The overall scenario is the SAME except this iMac won't connect from this particular location anymore.

    The local Apple store said to bring it in and maybe the airport card is failing, but somehow, I doubt that will be the case, but who knows.

    Has anyone else had experience with a similar situation? What is going on here? All the other computers continue to work fine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yukon4 View Post
    ...if I lug the iMac over to the building where the router is - it works!...
    Umm... signal strength? I'm new to macs but on my other laptop signal strength would be something around 20% but still give me the limitted connectivity bubble. so although the signal is there, maybe there is something interfering with it.

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    I agree with Ramancher. It is a signal strength. The other thing is that your imac is possibly picking signal from another wireless network with the same generic network name when you are in the other building that is why it is asking for an WEP password. Is the network name that appears the same?

    My case is different and I am still figuring it out. I have to select my network name eerytime I turn on my MacBook. It used to just automatically pick up the signal because the setting is set in automatic but for some reason it is not automatically picking it up. Has anyone had the same experience? Any solution?

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    Smile airport mysteries
    Yes, one would immediately conclude that signal strength was the issue since it connects from one spot, but not another - BUT - my laptop IS able to connect from the same spot where the iMac suddenly will not! AND, iStumbler shows an average signal strength of about 54% and no other networks around. We live on 5 acres in a rural area, so I'm quite certain there are NO other wireless networks interfering.

    All our computers are connected as soon as you turn them on. The iMac used to be this way also. Only lately has it stopped connecting. It shows the name of our network under the Airport icon, but even after selecting it and entering the WEP password it now requests, it will not connect and generates the "there was an error connecting to the network".

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    Same problem not signal
    It is baffling. I've always had macs, with love. Got a toshiba lap top. One day, no internet. It was a challenge for everyone! I took it to PC Computers 3 times, because it would work in the store, I took it home and NO wireless for PC, but one for all macs. They thought I was playing a game. not! Now, parallels on my macbook, its been working fine. Needed a router with more than 4 ports (preferably, or a switch with no downtime) Got a linksys 8-port switch and 8-port dsl/cable router switch (2 different ones) but they never found the primary Netgear Router. Called Linksys, she pinged the port for linksys-it didn't work-she said take it back...sorry....hung-up (after an hour or so) I went to go on line and there was no CONNECTION!! I think the guy who fixed it before googled and found a command-Tonight I got a gig 4 port netgear switch and couldn't wait to play with my new toy-Plug-n-Play baby-I had no problem with any external connections (like the linksys) but now what ever systems linksys setup, established or reset has to get out. Netgear's connection is like an Ethernet, but Linksys? You may need to--SWITCH!! Hope this helps...

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