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    Unhappy Printer Share with XP
    I have my iMac and PC networked together through a home LAN. Connected to my iMac is a HP Officejet 6210 printer. Printer share is enabled through both my PC and iMac. For some reason, I still can not print from the PC. I have tried using the XP driver for my HP on the PC and also tried using an Apple Laserwriter driver but both failed. What is the trick to fixing this problem. I really don't want to spend the extra money on a print server if it can be done through software tweeking.


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    i have the same problem. wish u luck.

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    Have you tried to use Apple's Bonjour application for windows? Just a shot in the dark, I can't understand why the driver wouldn't work for you though. In my limited experience, Bonjour (after finding your printer that you have shared) selects the best driver available.

    Good luck sir.

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    Yes, definitely use Bonjour. I've got it installed on three machines, as well as on my Bootcamp partition on my MBP. My printer is hooked up to an airport extreme and using bonjour is the only way I can print from windows. It's REALLY easy to set up, and is a free download.

    Good luck!

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    I have downloaded and installed Boujour for Windows but Bonjour could not see my printer. It says the printer is not Bonjour compatable. Any other ideas? Thanks again.

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