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    Help Transfering Files Wirelessly MacMini
    Hello everyone,
    This is My first Mac. I picked up a MacMini earlier today. I am currently running a PC with Windows Vista and I would like to transfer my MP3's from my Vista Machine to my MacMini Wirelessly through My Linksys Router. I have been having so Much trouble and I don't know what to Do. I am unfamiliar with Macs, so I figured the experts(You guys) could help me out. When I click on Network on my Mini, my PC shows up and I click it and it gives me something about the Alias is wrong and It can't find it. I would truly love to get my MP3's on my Mini without burning a DVD. I appreciate the help. Thanks.


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    Bump still need some help please

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    I just made this yesterday, the mac side should be exactl the same, you will just have to figure out how to do the equivalent windows tasks for Vista, as I have no experience with Vista.

    And btw, you can also use the search function on here to get even more threads on the subject. I ended up figuring it out through some google searching.

    Good Luck to ya.
    White MacBook - C2D - 2GHz - 1GB Ram - 80GB HD

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