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    iMac C2D - 2,16 GHz - 2 GB Ram ///  MacBook C2D - 2 Ghz - 2 GB
    HDD wi-fi problem
    Good morning,

    I bought today (Welland) LanShare product: ME-740K
    I put WD HDD 400 GB inside.

    Connected to Linksys router, installed on PC and everything is ok.
    Disc is visible and full operational.

    But there is a huge problem on my MacBook.
    I installed NDAS - everythink should be ok (even disc tools can see this disc) but MacOs doesn't.
    Have new MacBook with Tiger (10.4) installed.

    I try to register new device in NDAS utility (wrote ID and key correctly), end after clicking "REGISTER" nothing happened! I can wait, and wait...

    Please HELP ME!
    This stuff cost me a lot of money, and will be very, very hapy and greatefull for Your help!

    Please response to this email adress:

    Thank You!

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    Apr 12, 2007

    Try to upgrade your driver to the newest one. Latest version for MacOS is 1.6.9. You may download it from ximeta site. Here's the link:

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