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    Question Using GUEST to connect to a Mac
    Hi, Everyone...

    I have three Macs on my home network: A PowerBook G4, an Intel-iMac, and an Intel-MacMini.

    The three are on one network. I can connect from PowerBook to the other two using GUEST, the other two can connect to one another using GUEST, but the iMac and MacMini cannot connect to the PowerBook using GUEST; when I try that, I get an empty window with no volumes list to mount.

    I have matched the Sharing and Firewall settings on all three Macs, but I still end up with the same result.

    Please note that I can connect to the PowerBook if I used my account and not GUEST.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi amirjsi. I have exactly the same problem. I have a macbook pro 15" late 2008 and a macbook late 2006. From the macbook pro I can connect both as guest and as registered user to the macbook. But I cannot connect from macbook to macbook pro using guest account...the registered user way it works. Did u solve your problem ? any helpful answers ?

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    I know this kind of a lame question, but are you sure the Guest account is activated on all the Macs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deserter View Post
    Hi amirjsi....Did u solve your problem ? any helpful answers ?
    You're not likely to get any from him.
    This thread is over two years (getting closer to three) old and member amirjsi hasn't even visited the forums since :

    Last Activity: 11-30-2007 03:20 AM
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    Yea, on both macs I have turned off the firewall and my file sharing is on with the right permissions...And in the "Accounts Preferences Pane" I have already activated the option "Allow guests to connect to shared folders"...
    I can't understand what's going on man it is driving me nuts really...
    Both macs running 10.6.2(I updated them today from 10.6.1)
    I had the same problem when both macs was on 10.6.1...
    Nothing different in 10.6.2...

    Any helpful answers would be much really appreciated!

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