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    Question Safari doesnt connect to Internet...but catching wireless signal?
    Hi I have a 13' macbook and Ive been trying to get my safari to work. My airport catches Linksys signal but for some reason it always says "your browser is not connected to the internet". I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix this problem? I tried to set a static IP (I might have done this wrong) and it didnt work. My friend could catch the same Linksys signal and go online with his PDA/Smart phone but I couldnt get it to work on my mac! Someone please help!!

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    Are you the owner of the WiFi router? If so, what model router is it?

    Or are you trying to steal someone's connection for your use?

    If the latter, we don't allow discussion of illegal activity here.
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    Your signal might not be strong enough for you to talk back to the router / AP. Do you have DHCP set up? If so, go to system prefs, networking, find your airport or whatever, usually en1 and make sure it's set to DHCP.

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    Its WRT Wireless G something something Im not sure the model number...if my friend can get his PDA phone to connect to web I dont see any reason the router should deny my mac access. My DHCP is setup assigns itself a IP address, submask and router number. Network diagnostic couldnt identify the problem. However, if I plug DSL directly to the mac it works like magic.


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    Linksys wireless problem
    I'm having the same problem.
    Router is a WRT54GS.

    My girlfriend has a mac and the wireless was working fine before Christmas but when we tried in Feb it wasn't.

    I had some problems with the router in Dec 07 and reinstalled the firmware so assumed that I had caused the problem somehow, but my laptop and smartphone connect to the wireless still.

    Could the problem be due to a mac software update?
    Any suggestions would be helpfull... I've never really used macs and don't know what to try!

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