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    Airport express daisy chain setup
    I am entirely confused. I am trying to set up airtunes on my imac G5 so that itunes can play on the computer speakers as well as an unconnected living room stereo. I do not have an airport wireless card, nor an extreme base station. I do have two airport express units. The mac employees told me that through some daisy chain sequence that I could get the second stereo to play with just these two items. I am using a DSL line whose router is currently connected to a wireless router. Does anyone know how I can make this work with my current tools? Did I get bad information and simply now need to acquire either a wireless card or airport extreme?

    Any and all assitance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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    Has no one heard of anything like this before????

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    Is your computer plugged into the router?

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    Yes the computer is plugged into the wireless router, as well as the primary airport unit.

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    Maybe you should only plug your computer into the airport express and not into the router and then, in internet connections, set up airport express as your connection

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    I believe what you are looking for starts on pg 14 of the manual for Airport Express units.
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    Doesn't the airport express have 1 Ethernet connection? i don't think you can plug your computer into that unless you link it wirelessly to your router

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    The hard wired router doesn't matter here. You have to have a wireless card in you computer for this to work.

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