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    Hooking up Printer to Network
    I am planning to install a wireless network after I get my new MB. Hooked up to the network will be a PC and the MB. My printer is not network compatible, so besides Airport is there another wireless router which allows one to hook up a USB printer. I know that it is possible to hook the printer up through the PC, but I thought that there were sometimes problems with that approach. Also, I wanted to avoid buying an adapter to make the printer network-compatible. Thanks.

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    My son and I share a printer which is hooked up via USB to my iMac.
    To do this hook your printerup to your Mac make it available via the printer sharing function in the system preferences. Printer & Faxes --- Sharing tab.
    Then when your other mac is online just do a search for available printers . You should see yours and then just choose it.BTW it only works when the parent iMac is on. It's so easy it's child's play....... Blast just re- read your post I didn't see the PC-Mac bit ...sorry

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    The PC bit messes it up, but hopefully I'll start a trend in the household and the next desktop will be a Mac.

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