I'm having a lot of problems with my wireless internet connnection. I have an airport extreme, not the newest one, but the one that was out just before it. Also have several expresses, hooked up to stereos and a couple of printers.

The problem is I seem to have to restart the Airport Exreme all the time, and I mean ALL the time, several times a day. I'll be doing stuff on the web, downloading or listening to streaming files, or even just viewing boards etc, and whatever linked I've clicked to will just chug and chug. I usually use Airport Setup Assistant, choose configure airport and update the configutation (without changing any of the info of course) and that restarts the airport, and usually the problem goes away. Sometimes I have to do it twice. Oddly, if I do to Mail and use Connection Doctor, the three lights will be red. If I stop it and reopen it several times, I'll finally get green lights, and the network or internet connection I guess, will be okay again. Weird. But generally it's restarting the Airport that will do the trick.

We have a new Macbook pro (four months old) and a late model G4 titanium using the network. I also have a 500 gig hard drive serving up music to the network through an old G4 450mhz Titanium powerbook. That doeesn't seem to affect the internet connection problem though, it happens whether that one's on or not.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Thanks!