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Thread: Getting my ibook on my wireless network

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    Getting my ibook on my wireless network
    I have my wireless network running in my house, but only with PCs. I want to use my ibook on it but I'm a little confused.

    I have a G3 iBook
    I see there's an airport card, and an Airport extreme. And then theres some airport base station. I don't know what I need to connect to my network. Do I need the normal airport card or the airport extreme. Is the base station required or can I hook up to my wireless router in the house?

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    Lightbulb hope this helps...
    Hey Calypso,

    Airport Extreme is a faster version of Airport. (They're both wireless cards that you can use to access your network.)

    Airport Extreme and Airport are compatible with the network standards of 802.11g and 802.11b. which simple means that they can log in to windows wireless networks as well.

    Airport Extreme/ Airport Base station is just like your PC wireless router (transmitter) except just better and nicer looking cos it's from Apple. But if you've already got a traditional PC router like those from Dlink or Linksys, it should work just fine as well.

    Just boot up your system with you airport/ airport extreme card installed, and Mac OS X will prompt you for your password to log in to your wireless network. Key that in and you're good to go. Zero config. =)

    Hope you have fun...

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    So all I need to get is an airport card? So sweet.

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    I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think the G3 iBooks can only use the Airport Card and not the Airport Extreme Card. I would verify that before you buy anything.

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    Yeah I asked because I heard G4 ibooks could only use airport extremes or something like that, but I'm sure the G3 could use the normal card. I'll be getting it at the local apple store so I'll just ask someone there.

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    Yes, the G3 iBook can only use the standard Airport card, not the Extreme. Once you install it, you should have no problem setting it up to work with your existing wireless router. I'm currently using mine with a Linksys router.

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    Yup if you get the Airport card for your G3 Ibook it should work just fine... just need to remember to key in your network password when prompted and you'll be good to go...

    Also, if your linksys/d link router is configured for 64 bit WEP password, take note that on your mac it's known as 40bit/ 128bit Hex I think... important thing is the 40bit part... Just another way of saying 64bit... u can look it up in help if you want...

    Good luck and have fun!

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    When installing the AirPort card, use EXTREME caution. I had Apple do mine, but apparently it was still victim to a bit of static. End result? Kernel panics and a replacement after SEVERAL weeks of headaches. Enjoy your newfound wireless freedom.

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    Did apple charge to install it for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso
    Did apple charge to install it for you?
    At the time, I was not charged. Usually, I believe they do charge though. Check with your local store to be sure.

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    I got the airpot card today. I installed it, forgot the extreme caution part, but it works great. Woo!

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