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    Airport now or wait
    Okay, I cannot stand my wireless's awful. It drops the connection when my cordless rings, etc (No matter what channel it's on). I see the Airport Express is only $99 now. Is this because they're probably updating them soon? If they are..would it be worth waiting?

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    Unless you are going to try to use 802.11n (the new standard) and your computer's card is 802.11n compliant, then I see no reason to wait.

    I've got an Extreme and an Express (to both extend the range of the Extreme in my 2-story house and to let me to the wireless iTunes thang) and it's great.

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    It is not worth of waiting for the new Airport Express as there are no rumors about the new version. I fully agree, that if your computer is not "n" network compliant, you have no chance to get any other benefit from waiting.

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    If your current Router is stressing you out...I wouldn't wait, the Extreme is very easy and highly recommended!

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    Where you getting your base station? Apples web page is still listing it for $179.00, or that is the price for the "N"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reel1 View Post
    Where you getting your base station? Apples web page is still listing it for $179.00, or that is the price for the "N"
    that price is for the airport extreme. he is asking about airport express.

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