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    Cannot login to some websites through the internet...
    I connect to my school internet via an http proxy. I cannot log in to some websites...for example i can go and browse ebay but cannot log in to 'my ebay'.
    I can view the paypal, hotmail, etc. log in pages, but when I try to log in the server times out. This doesn't happen at my house (open wireless connection) and my friends windows based laptop here at school IS able to access these pages.

    I am new to the mac and was wondering if there is an option I can choose, uncheck, check, turn off/on to allow me access to these sites???

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    Sounds like it's the school proxy rather than your individual settings.

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    even though my buddy's windows laptop can log in to these pages? It's annoying that I have to borrow his inferior computer to login to paypal or ebay

    Is it a security issue with the mac or is it the proxy? Crossing fingers and hoping a setting can be tweaked...

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    you may not want to try this, but install bootcamp, and xp.
    see if the problem is still there maybe.

    thatll help rule out the possibilities it could be. i have similiar issues with a wireless LEAP configuration at my school. Ive been in contact with them, and willing to test things out with them. Nice to see a school recognize a problem with a few students, in a 15,000+ campus.
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    I have problems on the wireless network at university. In the one room it will work fine, but in the library it keeps dropping its connection. I think this is generally a problem with the university network. Most Windows PCs work fine, but there are a few which have the same problem as the Mac.

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