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    .this thread will be very confusing so im going to try to be as descriptive as possible. i have a powerbook g4 my sister has a powerbook g4 my mom has an ibm thinkpad.all the computer are hooked up wirelessly/lan to my airport.(my mom is connected through lan cause shes to far away in the house to get a airport connection) what i want to do is to be able to connect to my moms comp through "connect to server" as well as my sisters. my sister is running 10.2.8 i am running 10.3.3 and my mom is runnin xp pro firs thing and most annoying is when i go to my sisters connect to server a whole bunch of things pop up.... we have

    +a network icon(globe) that was an "*" for the name and a network drive labeled katherine edgell
    +next is another network icon that sais "edgell" and has my moms thinkpad in it
    +next are FOUR network drives labeled as Greg Edgell's Computer and GREG-EDGELLS-CO..,katherine edgell, and katherine edgells computer
    +next is another netowork icon that sais local that has 4 FOUR network drives labeled as Greg Edgell's Computer and GREG-EDGELLS-CO..,katherine edgell, and katherine edgells computer the same as above
    +lastly is workgroup that has GREG-EDGELL-CO....

    (wow that was alot) that was the info heres what i want

    i want to be able to consolodate the servers on my sisters computer to like one that sias "edgell" and has my comp my sisters and my airport network is called EDGELL so i would think it would work.

    next i want to be able to have the servers found automaticly like my sisters does on my comp im running 10.3 in mine i have to manually insert the IP

    next when i try to log into my sisters comp through connect to server it asks for username and password and the only way i can access is by typing my sister info in. can i make it so im a registered user to login without making my own account on her laptop?

    next when i login to my moms IBM it gives me a differnt login window most likely cause its useing SMB appose to AFP to access it but i type her info in and it gives me SMb/CIFS filesystem authentication and then the login pane and here i type in my moms stuff and it sias error code -50. so whats up there?

    i hope this made sense and i can be helped

    give me a call to if you really want to help 973 714 6931
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