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    stupid network question..
    hey all,

    Ok dumb question I think but here goes...

    I have a belkin wireless pre-n router, and I have a mac book pro with os x tiger.

    Do I need a specific belkin card to network wirelessly, or because it the laptop is 802.11 compatible I should be able to get it working without one?

    If not, what is my best option? I have a USB wireless network point on another computer that works fine but that is XP. I'm not sure what the best option would be, that would be compatible to use on my new mac.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Your MacBook Pro's built in AirPort card will pick up the signal from your Router. Check your top right corner of the screen for a symbol that looks like a pizza slice made out of lines. Click it and you should see all available routers.

    It's possible your router needs to be configured properly, refer to the router's manual for that.
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    Your airport card should work beautifully without any configuration.

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    haha, way too easy. I knew what the icon was, but I didn't realise that if I clicked on it I could select my wireless network that was already in there =P

    Loving mac already... thanks for the help.

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