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Thread: Mapping Network Drive

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    Mapping Network Drive
    Hi, how can I map a network drive that I have to connect to? I'd like this drive icon to appear on my desktop everytime I load OSX.

    I have already tried this:

    but that is only temporary.
    Anyone know?

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    You can also write an applescript to mount the drive, save it as an app and put it in your dock. That way, every time you need to connect, you can just click the icon in your dock. Here is what the script might say:
    tell application "Finder"
    	mount volume "smb://"
    end tell
    I use this method because I don't want the drive to stay on the desktop all the time because I don't need it that often. However, if you want it to connect automatically when you log in, you can add the app to your Login Items in the Accounts section of System Preferences OR the method in the first link D3v1L80Y provided looks like its a little more straight forward.
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