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    Wireless signal dropping constantly since 10.4.9
    It could just be a coincidence, but ever since I installed 10.4.9 my wireless signal on my MBP keeps flaking out. Literally every minute or two the signal strength goes from full to zero. I'm using the same Belkin router that I've had since long before buying my MBP and which was playing nice with my MBP for three months before 10.4.9. Web browsing is all but impossible and even email is a pain in the neck.

    As a control, I have to other notebooks open right here next to me, both WinXP machines, and both which have a full signal non-stop.

    Tomorrow I'm going to stop by the local Caribou Coffee (free wi-fi hotspot) to see if it happens there.

    Anyone else noticing anything like this?

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    i've heard that they're have been a lot of problems with 10.4.9 so i haven't updated

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    i have heard that having wep security feature on can cause problems with wireless. try turning off the security features on the router and see if it helps the problem....

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    I was having similar problems with my Linksys WRT54G.
    Turns out there was a firmware update for the router. Among the fixes where dhcp and other connectivity issues.
    Haven't had problems since.
    Just saying don't rule out the possibility of the router being the cause, too.

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    I had a similar issue with my MacBook and my Motorola WR850G router. I had to reboot the MacBook twice to get it to hang on to the signal-- it's fine now.

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