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    Unhappy Argh! network no longer works in 10.3.3
    I click on network to access my desktop PC, which works great usually, but now in the past fiew days, I can't do anything! Nothing shows up in the window, even if I leave it for awhile, it just won't see anything.
    I can access my Powerbook through my PC, no problem there, but I can't access the network via my PB.
    Also, I can ping my desktop, but I can't connect as well, (command+k, connect to (my desktops LAN IP) and well, that doesn't work either, even though I can ping it just fine.) Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? Repair the permissions perhaps? I just did that not too long ago, but maybe I need to again :confused:
    Anyway, thanx for any help

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    try to connect to the ip address like this

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    Well, it started to connect, which was further than last time. But winodw came uo sayen it failed to make connection :/

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    Possibly something wrong with the Windoze machine? Make sure file and print sharing is still on.

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    It is. My windblowz machine is fine. I really don't know what is goin on with it.. It's as if there is no network at all. Worked fine one day, then poof, my network is no more!

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    It seems to be working now. I installed the latest updates (the 2 after 10.3.3) and rebooted, and everything works fine again. :confused: Oh well, I'm happy

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