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    10.3.3 networking delays
    I am in the process of going from system 9.2.2 to 10.3.3. In my work, I connect remotely to a network of computers in another state over the internet via TCP/IP. I have a cable modem and the other office has DSL. When I am in OS 9, I can log onto the computers, open folders, transfer files, etc. It's not like being right there, but it's fairly quick. However, in OS X, there are periodic delays where the little spinning multi-colored wheel comes up and spins for 5-10 minutes during which I can operate the computer for other things, but cannot open folders, transfer files, etc., or do anything over the network. I called Apple but of course they want to reinstall the OS again and I just installed it a week ago. The computer only has 128 MG of memory, but this problem happens even with no applications open. Any ideas?

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    Did you repair permissions and zap PRAM already?

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    I'd still look into more memmory...that's almost nothing...just running the os and networking could use that up..I imagine....try for at least 512....then you should have no problems.....or try repairing disk permissions...that should help too.

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    Still delays...
    Yes, I had already repaired permissions, but not zapped PRAM, so I did that. Still nothing. I also tried it on my iBook with 640 MB of RAM and it has the same problem. Any more ideas?

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    A Clue! A Clue!
    OK, this may be weird, but I am beginning to wonder if this problem somehow has to do with the Quicken 2000 files that are in the main folder I am concerned about with this problem. There are some delays in all my networking, but NOTHING like the ones when I open a folder with a lot of Quicken files in it. The clue was when I first open the folder over the network, the names of all the Quicken files come up on the screen pretty quickly, but not the icons. They fill in one-by-one, VERY VERY VERY slowly. As I said before, this does not happen in System 9 when I open the same folder over the network. Is there something unique to Quicken files that could be causing this? or can an icon be corrupted on the remote computer somehow? anyone?

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    What OS is the remote network running?
    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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    System version
    Remote computers are all running some version of System 9.

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