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Thread: Bonjour rules!!!

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Bonjour rules!!!
    for anyone having problems networking a printer at home the solution is easy. use your mac as the print server. then download and install bonjour for your windows machines. run the bonjour printer wizard. this will find the printer on the network and you are in business. trying to use the windows computer as the print server is a major PITA, i must have tried 20 different methods to do this with no success. trust me, for a mac/windows home network, use the mac as the print server and download bonjour to the windows computers. for all those who MUST use the windows machine as the print server----GOOD LUCK!

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    Congrats on getting your printer to work. I'm looking into getting a USB printer with bluetooth. My canon is a parallel printer and according to canon it's not set up for networks...though I'm networking all my windows pcs wirelessly to it...go figure.

    Wish bonjour worked the other way! My only mac is a notebook, not a desktop.

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    there are a bunch of forums, including this one, that give you different ways to do it. they didn't work for me, but they may for you if you know technical things like urls and ip adresses etc. but like i said.....good luck

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