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    Short Range w/ Airport Extreme?
    I just recently got my G4 iBook and an Airport Extreme card to go with it. After the installation, I find that moving two feet away from a DLink wireless router results in a signal drop. Any suggestions? I doubt that there is anything that could cause an interference.

    BTW it's a "Refresh" iBook 800 G4 and I was told that it was a return (got it for $849).

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    Don't worry about it. It doesn't really mean anything as long as you have two singal bars. You'll have the same speed. It also depends on angle. The D-Link router I'm on is in my room..where I am at right now...with full other places in my room...the signal drops one....I can also go downstairs..directly under my room..or near directly under..and get anywhere from full signal to 2 or 3; however, I always experience the same internet speed.

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    Well, beyond three feet of the Router I lose the entire signal, Must be some interference, damaged router/airport card/airport antenna.

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    yeah...that definently doesn't seem right..especially with a ibook..they have better range than powerbooks, and that's what I have...I'd get everything checked out.....or moved your router somewhere else....something in the walls...or something...could be blocking signal.

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    If you have a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone, you may want to try unplugging the base from power and see if that helps. Some cordless phones in this freq range interfere with Linksys and D-Link WAP's

    Just a thought.

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    Have you tried removing and reinstalling the card? Perhaps the antenna isn't plugged-in securely? My router is on the 3rd floor of our house, and I have a full four bars of reception even in our basement.

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    trenollet's explanation sounds the most likely. At Game Junkie where they have public wifi, and a 2.4 GHz phone, anytime someone switches on the phone I lose my connection.

    From what I understand, Airport Extreme cards support "Interference Robustness" and one of the other guys at GJ says he doesn't lose signal when that's on. If you have that option in your AirPort menu, try turning it on.

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