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    AirPort Extreme Cards
    Okay ive just ordered an iBook 12' G4 and i got a bundle that came with an airport extreme card, sum more ram, and a 20g iPod.. okay i was just wondering if my airport extreme card is going to be able to connect to my D-Link DSL 604+ i think it may only b sold in australia, but it is a DSL router. Has ne one used a D-Link DSL router with there airport extreme card? and does it work?

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    Right now I am connected to a D-Link wireless router using my Airport Extreme card. So yes it will work.

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    The airport extreme card can connect to any 802.11b or 802.11g access point. They are wireless standards which means it doesn't matter who made the device.

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    I deleted your other thread.. please do not cross post.


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    sorry Murlyn.. wont do it again.. but yeh thanks for the help, my router does support 802.11b so it would be great if it worked!

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    iStair ... It will work great. I have a D-Link 802.11b and a Linksys 802.11g access point and I can connect to both of them without issues.

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    I too am on'll enjoy your wireless time with no worries

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    oh thanks so much guys for the re-assurance, i thought i might have got a airpot card, and it not eing ne use to me, but now thats great il b able to use it at home, thanks heaps guys

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