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    Best wireless adapter
    I have a couple of older macs - G3 and G4. What options are there for connecting them to a wireless G router (Linksys)? I have only found this PCI card ( that actually supports the Mac OS, but only OSX. What about OS9?

    Has anyone figured out what products work in these older machines?

    Also, what about these "wireless ethernet Gaming adapters"? Belkin, Linksys, etc. have these to support Xbox, and PlayStation through ethernet. Has anyone tried these to network a Mac?


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    Feb 27, 2007
    It seems that this is a popular question...with no answers. I've seen a few other threads with hundreds of "views", and no replies. One poster said he had a Wireless B card that worked but now couldn't find a workable G card.

    Anyone know about the B card mentioned above?
    Anyone know of *ANY* way to connect OS 9 to wireless G/B ?

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