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Thread: My mac not showing up on Windows

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    My mac not showing up on Windows
    Ok, I can see my roomate's computers and connect to their computers when their computers aren't asleep, but my Mac doesn't come up under their My Network Places, why is this?

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    Windows networking is pretty poor. I have a couple of Windows machines and sometimes one will disappear from the network - usually a ping or a tracert to the missing machine and Windows realises it is still there. So you can maybe try that to see if windows is able to see the machine. If you get failed messages from either of those Windows commands then your macs firewall is very likely the cause.

    If the windows commands appear to work fine but you still cant see the mac in Network Places then (assuming Windows XP here) in the top left hand section of the My Network Places window - click on a link to Add a network place - wizard pops up - click next.

    You may see the Mac here (unlikely) if not click on the Choose another place and click next now just type the address to your mac like this: \\\Dave


    continue through the wizard and that SHOULD have added the mac to My Network Places - also doing it like this usually keeps the mac in my network places all the time i.e. it doesn't go missing like the Windows machines that Windows finds itself.

    Hope that helps.

    PS: you will need to use the username and password used to log on to the mac in order to see your user area.

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    Thanks RNDdave, I'll give it a try!

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    Ok, it worked by that method, but the thing was I had to type in my account name and Admin password for him to be able to connect to me. I tried typing in Guest and just hitting enter since I have a guest account set up on my computer.

    How do I make it so that he can only access the Public folder on my drive, instead he can go through all of my user folder.

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