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    Question internet failure
    Hiya, wondering if anyone can help me.
    Its become more and more frequent that my internet fails on me and I have to re-start to make it work again.
    I'm the only Mac on a network of four computers, the others have had no trouble with their internet.
    I'm not sure what causes these internet failures, I think it may be if the information goes over a certain amount but I can't figure out what amount that is, sometimes I can get quite a few websites open and a chat engine other times one page will make it crash. Its most peculiar.

    Anyway does any know of any tests I could run to try and establish the problem?

    When I go home [I'm a student] and try my computer on the all-mac network I get o troubles and I've had no troubles on wireless networks. This may just be because I use those other methods far less and haven't yet encountered those problems.

    For various clear reasons this is highly annoying and such so any advice is appreciated, if theres anything more you need to know just ask so far all I know is:

    • my internet fails on random sites but will repeatedly fail on the same web page. I need to re-start the computer to fix the failure.

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    Resetting PRAM might help.

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    You say you can make it "crash" - what exactly does it do? If it's intermittent dropping of the network connection, the first thing I'd check is the cable. A dodgy cable can look like a strange computer-based network error and restarting it appears to fix it, but actually it's just wiggling the cable and forcing the network connection back up.

    Basically, if it works on one network and not another, it points to some aspect of the network rather than the machine itself. This is especially true if wireless presents no trouble. There's not difference between a 'mac only' and 'mixed' network at the network level - they're all the same technology.

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    I've seen this problem before. It is the other computers trying to disrupt the natural flow of a near perfect and superior operating system. To remedy this situation, sever all connections between your mac and all non mac computers. Next, take a can of hair spray and a bic lighter and reign apple helll fire vengeance upon all unworthy machines. Next, connect your mac back to the network and enjoy uninterrupted dominancy.

    O.K., that didn't help, but it was a funny couple of minutes for me!

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    Lol at Dadsgravy, that could be it

    Sadly resetting the PRAm did not work.

    And no I doubt its the wire as sometimes when I have restarted after the internet failure I have not touched any wires and still it works when I log back in.

    As soon as I can I will run Tech Tool to see if there's something corrupted or maybe even a virus. I recently discovered my college server has a virus [pc] and this may have somehow affected my own computer, though I doubt it, I have no other leads.

    When the internet fails it fails. It will not reconnect and will not find any web-sites, diagnostics say the ethernet works fine but the internet and server have failed. Restarting the computer is the only cure I have found but it won't stop the internet failing again later. It can fail for any reason, even a simple html page could make it go down.

    Could there be some virus or similar related to the network that only affects Macs? This might explain why I am the only one affected, although one of the other PCs has had some trouble he doesn't need to restart.
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    it would appear it is NTL who supplies our internet causing the problems as most people in my town and house are now getting the same problems.
    Mac Book [first release]
    60Gb, 512mb, 10.4.8

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