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Thread: configuring netgear router

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    configuring netgear router
    I had a wireless network set up with the router connected to my pc. when i got my imac, the pc of course became secondary and the imac is now plugged in to the router. the netgear box states that it is mac compatible, but the setup disc has no mac-oriented files on it. i think my other network configuration is still active somehow in the router because my nintendo wii is still running on it without problems. securing my network is very important, so how would i go about setting up a WPA-key and such?

    i've uninstalled the routers software from the pc (i guess it still thought it had the router hooked into it), so now i can see my network on the pc (with 5 bars too) but then when i go to connect it cant do it. it says it "MIGHT be out of range" when the router is not 4 feet away and giving out a strong signal. i have no idea what to do.

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    get your netgear papers, u need the IP address of the router - most of them are or
    input this address into your web browser - this will bring up your router settings, you will need to know what password you used when you initially set it up, if you are like me, I used a blank password until I enabled wireless on it, once there just go to the wireless tab, netgear and linksys both have pretty good help systems, should be almost self explanatory from there
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    I have this problem with my home network and and friends who can't connect. At first I had no clue what the problem was as the network was clearly in range. Yesterday while doing some tinkering I thought the issue might be encryption related as my expresses are configured to only accept WPA2 connections. I did this thinking WPA2 was stronger than WPA. So if the PC's WiFi card doesn't support WPA2 then they would probably get that message.

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    now, if i have forgotten the password, what would i do then?

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    reset the router? normally a resest button on back...

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