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    The alias could not be opened

    I have three computers over a wifi network. One OSX (10.4), one Windows XP :eek: :eek:, and one Linux Kubuntu.

    I am just starting to try and network them together.

    My Mac can see the other machines on the network, however I get an error every time I try to connect:

    The alias "xxx" could not be opened because the original item cannot be found.

    Delete Alias, Fix Alias, OK.

    All options lead to a dead end. "Ok" ignores it. Fix Alias opens up Finder. Delete Alias says The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges. (I have admin rights)

    I would appreciate any assistance in networking the machines, please.

    Thank you for your help.

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    When the prompt asks for the user name put in something else or leave that field blank. I don't think it would work if a password is required.

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    I noted the same the same error in iPhoto for any photo i modify with NX2 and put back into iPhoto. I looked in the "originals" folder inside my iPhoto library and found hundreds (thousands?) of alias's - many of them going to pictures i know i deleted. What is up with iPhoto? is there an "index" problem? i have almost 25,000 photos at 100GB (backed up on 2 other drives) but this is scary. Maybe time to get off iPhoto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmezz View Post
    Maybe time to get off iPhoto.
    Well, if you have an Intel mac you might want to give Picasa a try

    Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google
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    i might give it a test try. Thank you for the quick response. I never erased any files from the iPhoto library folder that would cause the original to be gone and the alias to still be in iPhone app. I just tested a few pics. moved them to desktop, changed the name, imported back to iPhoto - moved desktop file to trash -and no problems. this intermittent "alias can't find original" is what is confusing. if it was consistent i would understand how it happens and could work with it

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