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Thread: Wi-Fi Problem

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    Unhappy Wi-Fi Problem
    Sorry, but I really have no idea what kind/version of OS i have, although I just bought this MacBook, if that helps anyone.

    Now, I would like to ask a quick question, for anyone who has ever trouble-shooted a Telus Internet Router. I currently have a network that I cannot connect too. I have been in contact with Telus and they say the internet works and it does work with another PC. I have the correct WEP password but it doesn't not allow me to connect!
    If anyone has any step by step answers to my problem that would be much appreciated!

    Erik, the Macnoobie!

    P.S. I am currently on another Wi-Fi network, that is unsecure, and is not mine..that scares me!
    The Mac Nublet

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    Put a "$" without the quotes in front of your WEP password.
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    Didn't Work!
    Sorry, but that didn't seem to work! Do you have any other ideas, short of calling Apple Tech Support?

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