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    help with networking?

    I have my macbook and imac networked. I have aperture on my macbook but not my imac. I would like to put aperture on my imac but my question is:
    If i log into my macbook from my imac and open up the aperture on my macbook, will i see the photos that i have on my macbook or will it show me only the photos i have on my imac?



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    Clarify: What do you mean "log into my Macbook"?
    Do you mean use File Sharing to access files on the MacBook's hard drive?
    Are you proposing to launch the application on the MacBook from a remotely connected machine?
    While it is possible to do that, it will probably be unacceptibly slow, and there are a number of reasons it might fail outright.
    One of them being, if the iMac's processor or OS doesn't support Aperture... because you are not running "on" the MacBook, your are running it on the iMac.


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    networking problem

    Thanks for responding. I mean when I click 'go-network-mymackbook'. I am not sure exactly what that is. Bascially i am accessing the macbook through the network. Do you think that that will that be unacceptably slow even if my imac has enough memory and an updated OS?



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