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Thread: How to share internet

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    How to share internet
    Hi I am new to mac. I just got a used G4 Powerbook with airport and it connects to the internet no problem. I also just got a used desktop G4 no airport, but it has ethernet or firewire ports I can use to connect it to my PB. I got it to work yesterday, I ran software updated but after it restarted it wouldn't connect. How do I set up both computers to share the PB's airport connection to the internet? I don't know if this matters, I also have 2 PC's on this wireless network sharing verizon DSL through a linksys WRT54G router. This is really frustrating, when I run network diagnostics on the desktop I get 2 green lights for built in ethernet and network settings. I get a red light for isp that turns green and then turns red again. Internet and srever are both red.

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    make sure you have restarted both computers, from you post i cant tell which one you restarted.

    how to set up sharing....on your powerbook you are connected wirelessly, connect an ethernet cable from your powerbook to your powermac.

    open preferences
    go to sharing
    select internet tab
    check the box saying 'built in ethernet'
    turn on internet sharing
    restart both computers if they dont connect

    that is all you need to do man, and welcome to the forums
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    Hi, I just found my mistake. I must have turned off internet sharing on my PB. I just turned it on and I am all set.

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