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Thread: Major problems connecting mac to pc

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    Major problems connecting mac to pc
    I've been at this all day and I just cant figure it out I'm trying to connect my mac to my pc so i can grab all my files from my pc and drop 'em into the mac I tried Apple and they said they could only help me with the Mac side of things. then I tried Microsoft and Dell and they were no help and had no idea what I was even trying to do. I also searched all over the web and couldnt find anything that worked. i need help and I need it bad...I'm trying to finish this up as soon as possible so i can finally pack up the pc and be rid of it for good so I'm wondering if anyone has any USEFUL tips or step by step guide that can help me with this.

    I'm using the ethernet cable and have the connect directly to one another.

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    I dont know for sure if this is possible through ethernet. Your best bet is to use an external HDD or an iPod to move stuff over. Anything FAT32 formatted should work fine on both machines.

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    Hello you may want to give the following a read. Good luck.

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    mac to pc
    I just bought my first Mac. I tried the file transfer and finally scrapped it. I just bought a flash drive (thumb drive, or whatever) and moved everything that way. It was slow, but my Dell was on it's last leg and I was afraid I would lose it all. I had 3 years of pics of my son that I couldn't burn because the DVD burner died.

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