WARNING: This post contains the words Dell, Windows, Parellel port and AOL. Please do not continue if these words are likely to offend you!

My son is getting a new imac in April and later in the year I'm switching to a new imac also. Meanwhile, and not by choice but due to financial necessity, I'm plodding on using Windows 98 on aging Dell PC. In the very near future, ideally tomorrow, I'd like to dump my existing internet ISP (AOL) for a more stable product with better support (ie one that does NOT use a Indian call centre). My two top ISP choices here in the UK both offer free or very cheap wireless routers (BT Voyager 2091) for new customers so it makes sense to go wireless now and hook up the imacs when we get them and get a cheap wireless card/USB attachment to connect the Dell to the router.

Do you sense another big 'but' coming up...


I'd still like to use my aging, but still brilliant, HP LaserJet III printer which is connected to my Dell via a parallel port (no USB on this printer). So my question is if I keep the Dell connected to the wireless network with the printer attached as now will the imacs (and my wifes wireless HP laptop) be able to see and use the HP printer? The Dell would have no other use other than as a print server.

Are there any other options? The printer (and if kept, the Dell) would be physically next to my imac whereas I plan to locate the router in another room - closer to the incoming telephone line.

Finally, I'm assuming that my other printer an Epson R300 will connect to my imac AND be seen by the other imac and the HP without a problem. Am I right?