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rogerinlondon 02-12-2007 04:19 AM

iSight on MacPro used by MacBook Pro?
Anyone knows if it would be possible for a MacBook Pro to access the iSight camera on a MacPro via a wireless network and what software you would use on the MacBook Pro to access the camera?

It would just be the coolest way ever to check on the baby without having to go into the room and wake him up!

yogi 02-12-2007 05:11 AM

Try the Quicktime Broadcaster and Equinux "On Air" . I'm not sure about both, I'm just listing some options you might want to explore.

rogerinlondon 02-12-2007 05:36 AM

That seems to be what is needed. Thanks a lot. Will try and see how it works, just need to find out how to set up the networking, but that does not seem to be that complicated.

rogerinlondon 05-19-2007 07:41 PM

Just in case someone is looking to do the same thing as me, I finally realised that iChat over Bonjour is the easiest solution.

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