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    network games on mac and pc
    I have a network set up in our flat and i have an iBook while the other two unfortunately soles have got windows pc's. We wwant to play some network games and was just wondering what were the best ones that would network seemlessly on both platforms?
    Can anyone help?

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    Unreal Tournament should work fine (depending on the specs of your iBook).
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    Medal of Honour Allied Assualt is quite fun if u can get the ip address right for each of you

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    Mac Apple
    Im moving into a house next year and IIm the only Apple user. We are in halls at the moment and play over the LAN. There are loads of great options
    Quake 3
    Americas Army
    Ghost Recon
    Rainbow six : Ravenshield
    C&C : Generals
    Jedi Academy
    + more

    They should all be fine to play

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